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Printing your photos : Why the help of a pro matters

1. A more in-depth edit

Photos printed in large format require more careful editing. Details that do not stand out in small format will be magnified in printing. Hair on clothes, a strange bird in the sky, electric wires in the landscape. Lots of things that you don't notice when the photos are on the screen, but catch the eye once they are on the wall. Before investing in a large format print, consider ordering a specific retouch for the print or check with your photographer if the files submitted are already optimized for this purpose.

Group of birds appearing as spots

2. Image Calibration

Your photographer (me!) works in RAW or TIFF format, files that you cannot open yourself with basic software. The image processing softwares that I use are the best on the market and always up to date. Files can be encoded to meet your printer's requirements to ensure the best possible color rendering and preserve details.

3. Options, quality and durability

Big box stores rely on volume sales and have limited options. By choosing a professional printer, you will have access to more flexibility. Custom dimensions, printing on canvas, metal, acrylic, anti-reflective glass, pearl, matte or glossy finish... Big box stores also do not have high-resolution printers and quality paper. Therefore, colors and details will not be true to what appears on your screen and the life of your print will not be as long as on papers designed to prevent fading and deterioration.

Left: Original image Right: Big box store print. Loss of quality, vibrance, reduction in richness of tones and details

If you are considering purchasing a large format print, do not hesitate to contact me to order a file optimized for printing or ask me to validate your choice of printer. I also offer a turnkey service with results delivered directly to your home.

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