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Hello! I'm Anne

The photographer

From my grand-father working as a cameraman in the 60s to my father following everyone around with his kodak in the 90s, the love of taking pictures has been in my family for generations. It's the perfect combination of art and science, improvisation and preparation, magic and technology. After more than 15 years of experience in the photography world, I recently opened my studio in Montreal. 


Portraits are a great marker of time. Of course, there's the clothing and hairstyle component that can give it away, but what about the type of portrait ? Were you alone in a boudoir set up, or surrounded by family in a park ? Was it a candid shot in your kitchen or a posed one in a glamourous decor ?  Looking at an old picture can bring you back in time and remind you of the mindset you had, the great people that surrounded you or the budget you dedicated to your hairstyle ;) . Portraiture is a wonderful way to capture the small and big moments of one's life.


Speaking of big moments...I'm currently expanding my wedding portfolio. I've always been drawn to weddings. For their intimate nature, the whimsical atmosphere, the tears, the laughs and the celebration of love. It's an honor for me to be that little bird, discretely capturing the magic of this special day. Feel free to reach out to discuss about your big day!

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